I'm a storyteller!

I love to tell stories. And there are a lot of stories begging to be told. My stories are fiction, even historical fiction. You might find it more interesting than literary fiction.


I write novellas---about 20,000 words---short enough to read on a long lunch break---or typical short fiction---3,000 to 6,000 words.


Readership surveys show that short "reads" are preferred by readers of all ages. Why? Because we live in a hurry-up world where time is a precious commodity. So instead of spending a week or more reading a book about a single crime,  you can have a press pass to a murder, assassination of a president and a suicide in one novella;  you can be part of a dangerous journey across America with a traveling road  show in another; or you can sympathize with an angry Irishman in a short story---all in one book.

Click on EXCERPTS in the Menu bar.  They're teasers to pull you into choosing your reading adventure from many--all in one book---


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These are cover pages for a few of the stories you'll find in my soon-to-be-published book.  For excerpts from these and other stories, click on EXCERPTS in the Menu bar. 

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I love to write. That's what I do and what I've done for over fifty years. If you need an article written for a business publication, copy for an instruction sheet or a brochure, a video script or an ad in a print publication, I can do it. I'm fast. I'm accurate and error-free. And I'm affordable. Contact me: dtarpenning@gmail.com