With my BA degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma in my overcoat pocket, I stepped off a bus at

3 a.m. into adulthood at Naval Officer's Candidate School in Newport, R.I. It was August--the end of Indian summer when I left Oklahoma but the start of fall/winter in Rhode Island. Cold, wet, inhospitable. I asked if I could get on the bus and go back home. The answer was emphatically "No!"

Six years and several ports later, I emerged from the military as a novice advertising practitioner in the real world. Soon there was a family (two beautiful daughters and now seven incredible grandchildren!) With only my journalism degree and bravado, I opened my own advertising agency.  For twenty years, a very satisfying career.


When I was asked to teach advertising full time at OU, I hesitated. It was a completely different venue than I had ever experienced. But it was also an opportunity to make a difference in charting the career path of bright, eager students. For twenty-one years, that was my life. Almost 10,000 graduates later I retired. Not without regret, because leaving  those aspiring students behind would not be easy. But entering a world where my passion for writing could become my life, my norm, was overwhelmingly positive. So here I am today, writing and publishing stories and loving it. And ready for new creative challenges in writing for all types of venues.

© 2018 D.D. Tarpenning

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